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Sports Clubs & Affiliates

Sports Clubs & Affiliates

We would be looking to offer a Sports Club Discount to members for a simple favour of promoting ourselves on a small scale. This can be putting up a flyer on a notice board and simply through word of mouth.

In addition to physiotherapy we are able to offer a wide range of services which include sports massage and acupuncture. If the club has any specific event they'd like us to attend we'd be more than happy to discuss this option too.

If you'd like any more information feel free to give us a call on 01773 714020 or alternatively we would be happy to meet to discuss all the options available.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Injured or stressed?

Give us a call on 01773 714020. Your call will be treated in confidence and we might even be able to fit you in today. Alternatively use our contact form.